Due to the coronavirus Austin, Texas has demanded that SXSW cancel the conference and all event associated due to the declaration of a disaster by the city. More than 75,0000 people signed and online partition to cancel the event and major companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok have cancelled. It has been confirmed that SXSW insurance plan does not cover disease outbreak, or declaration of a disaster by the city. With that beings said not only are the local bars, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses taking a loss those who attendees, participants, vendors, contractors, film and music creators, and more are taking a huge loss as well. According to SXSW Refund and Revocation policy SXSW does not issue any refunds under any circumstance.

The questions now are, why wasn’t the event postponed until further notice and what will happen in 2021? Yesterday, Coachella announced that the event is cancelled and postponed to October 2020 due to the coronavirus. Will SXSW be able to recover from this loss.

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